Meat Processing

Custom Meat Smoking

At Paul & Kathy’s Supermarket, we offer more services that your average grocery store. In addition to our full grocery line, fresh produce, bakery goods, and specialty meat department, we will customize your smoked meat order. You get to choose the types of meat you like best to be used for smoking, and the amount you desire.

Wild Game Sausage Making

When you bring your fresh caught, wild game to us at Paul & Kathy’s Supermarket, we will make wonderfully seasoned, fresh, wild-game sausages for you!

We make a promise at Paul & Kathy’s Supermarket that when you bring your wild game to us, you will get your own meat back. From the start, to the finished product, we keep your meat separate so you get to enjoy the meat you provided, without any mixing of other meats or flavors.

Contact us today or stop in and check out our wide selection of products, and taste the difference we make at Paul & Kathy’s Supermarket.